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Press Release: Introducing

April 12th, 2019–StrongKicks, a website, announced its launch. The website is designed to improve one’s kicking ability primarily for Olympic-style Taekwondo sparring but any martial artist or fighter who kicks will find it useful. StrongKicks features a complete training program and also instructions on each kick and exercise.

Mont Cessna, the founder of StrongKicks, was inspired to make the website after being out of Taekwondo for 10 years and then not finding any good training programs specifically for Olympic Taekwondo online as he started to get back into it. Realizing that most people are not fortunate enough to learn from an international level sparring coach he decided to make the website and teach the proper Olympic style kicks and training. He started building the website a month ago.

Mont said, “I hope everyone who competes in Taekwondo sparring will find the website useful. It will be a good supplement for competitive Taekwondo players to their regular training in the dojang. It will also document my personal training journey to getting back to a high competitive level.”

While the website is launching not fully complete, it will develop on a daily and weekly basis to be a complete guide for Olympic Taekwondo players.

The StrongKicks program can be viewed on its website—

For press inquiries about StrongKicks, please contact Mont Cessna at