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The Strong Kicks stretching hub.

Stretching before Taekwondo or general kicking practice is a must. Warm-up first and then perform these stretches. Remember, stretching at the beginning of practice isn’t meant to increase your range of motion, just help your body loosen up to where it can actually use it. Stretching after practice is when you can actually increase the range of motion but be careful. Never stretch to the point of pain, just discomfort.

Hurdler’s stretch

Sit down with one leg extended in front of you and the other bent and pulled back to the side as far as it will go. You should feel tension in your hip socket on the bent leg. Lean forward to the extended leg, trying to grasp your ankle with your hands and to touch your forehead to your knee. Then stretch to the side with the bent leg, trying to touch your forehead to the ground. Finally try to lay back while keeping your bent knee on the ground. This stretch is excellent for the hamstrings, lower back and hip socket.

Front split

Extend one leg straight in front of you and one leg straight behind you with that foot parallel to the ground. Go down by letting your legs slide forwards and backwards but keep your balance and try to sit in this position as far down as you can go. Once you can finally sit on the floor in this position, stretch forward and try to touch your knee with your forehead. This stretch is good for the hips, lower back and hamstrings.


Sit on the ground with the soles of your feet touching each other in front of you and pulled in to the groin. Sort of like a butterfly. (This stretch is also called the lotus knee press.) Now push down on your knees until they touch the floor and your back remains straight. Once you can achieve this, keep your knees on the floor and pull your chin down to your feet and finally your forehead to the floor.  This stretch works the groin.

Side split

The side split is the quintessential martial arts stretch. Stand up, point your toes towards the ceiling with your hips fully opened so one leg is on each side of your body, and sit down by sliding your legs out and apart while keeping them in line with each other. Hold the stretch at the bottom, trying to sit down. Then sit down and stretch forward with your arms extended, trying to touch the ground with your forehead. Then stretch to the left and right sides, trying to touch your knees with your forehead. Stretch again to the center. This stretch really works the hips.

Back arch


Body rock

Body tuck

Knee twist

Knee bends

Leg stretch


Trunk twist

Waist twist

Side stretch

Chest stretch

Neck roll